Our ServicesOneBigBit Technologies Pvt. Limited is proud to offer following services with full gusto, confidence and technical expertise.

OneBigBit Technologies Pvt. Limited is proud to offer following services with fresh and dynamic approach to IT Solutions which helps us design innovative concepts with full gusto, confidence and technical expertise. Our client’s need, gain insight, develop strategies and focus on its impeccable execution to exceed their expectations is our foremost focus.


We believe that every problem has a perfect solution and we are here to provide you the best solutions for your business and make things possible. Choosing us will bring you continuous learning, applying new information and skills that will help you and your business to grow in a complete different way. We tend to be one of the best firms to provide you the best software solutions in Lucknow. Our solution frameworks are based on providing you the hassle free solution development to resolve your business problem within a second with complete pre and post support keeping you and your business, both ahead in every/any situation. Our software solution will help you get positive approaches, speed-up communication, and get quick positive turn around on your business queries.
Our expert team of software developers works better than the best in every possible way to help and guide you. They always strive adhere to their deadlines, so that people/firms connected to us don’t ever have to worry about unexpectedly being left behind or lack in any situation.
We are also open to any/every new standards and protocols which are required to be followed at our clients’ side.


OneBigBit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is here to provide you budget optimised and brand driven mobile applications.
Our team will help you shape a mobile strategy that will take your business idea from conceptualization to a well-loved and top rated app. OneBigBit Technologies Pvt. Limited promises to deliver our client unmatched mobile app development services in the city. We promise to create a unique mobile experience for everyone across multiple platforms and devices.

IOS APPLE: From iPhones to iPads to Macs, you are partnering with the most experienced and the best mobile app development agency in your city which promises to bring you the most amazing experience and will shape your entire mobile vision to be as compatible and profitable as possible. We are experts in building the applications that concerns your device.

ANDROID: As android is still one of the most popular and in demand platform / OS, so meeting the challenging requirements of clients increases. We assure our clients to bring them the best by efficiently engineering and guaranteeing high-performance. We help you create most powerful app solution.

XAMARIN APPS: As the demand and expectations keep increasing so our team has got a a great competence in Xamarin app development. We can help you built apps for different platforms using C# codebase, same IDE, language and APIs everywhere using Xamarin.

HYBIRD APPS: The rise of other devices has increased the use of multiple devices which results in high expectations. We assure you that our ability will help and guide you to deliver your business app to most people, more platforms in minimum time and lowest costs.

WEARABLES: Wearables have become one of the most popular devices specially among the fitness freaks. Our team also focuses on enterprise grade applications that integrate with a range of sensors and devices to make sure no section of society is left behind.

Technologies used in mobile application development :
For Android App Development * Java, C/C++, XML, Eclipse, SQLite, Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android DT (ADT)
For IOS App Development * Objective C, SQLite, Xcode, iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch


When it comes to creating websites, what’s most important is to know what the user is looking for and where they are looking. We have the best customer-first approach which helps us to create an attractive websites for our customers. Our team has an expertise in designing fluidic, user-friendly websites that are impressive yet easy to maintain. We promise to give you theist that will help you to facilitate the growth of your business. Whether you’re in a need of a simple website to get your business online, or a more complicated one, our team will help bring your vision to life. We are capable of producing all modern web design and development functionalities with your specific ideas and requirements. Our team will make sure you get a quality Web Application Development services with 100% satisfaction at your doorstep.

Our Website designing service broadly includes:
* Personal Website Design.
* Corporate Website Design.
* Ecommerce Website Design.
* Brochure Design.
* Website Maintenance and Programming.


In case of SEO, we pride in our values and customer satisfaction is our priority. With the rapid growth of Online platform, SEO has become a buzzword for the business. In that case having a good SEO experts is important for every potential business establishment. At OneBigBit, we have a team of certified SEO experts that provides full fledged SEO services. Our team implements the most comprehensive technologies to enhance the ranking, bring more traffic, leads and sales to your website. We offer the best and the most effective search engine optimization services in India at reasonable cost. Hiring us will help you increasing your brand visibility, increase in traffic, increase in sale, lead generation and so on. We believe that our approach will definitely suit you by providing the high search rankings, increase in sales and growing an online positive reputation.

Our SEO services broadly include:
Global and national SEO
E commerce SEO
Online reputation management
Enterprise SEO
Local SEO
Content marketing
Off page SEO
Google recovery services
Guest posting


At OneBigBit, we have a team of training consultants who utilizes a variety of assessment methodologies to ensure your training initiatives meet your business objectives. Our services are designed to assist you in a better way so that you and your business can excel in today’s competitive business environment. We offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your expectations.


Rapid Needs Analysis: This will help our team examine the training challenges and obstacles, will uses that information to build a customized learning solution to meet your team’s unique needs.

Extensive Needs Analysis: This helps to determine the best plan of action to be taken for the growth of the business. Creates a graph according to which you need to work for their rapid growth.


Our technical manpower supply grants you the best access to suitably skilled, qualified and experienced team which will help you get the best offshore and onshore services. Our services include end-to- end technical manpower services and crew management services for our clients to bring them the better experience and complete growth for their business.


We are one of the best agency in providing more secure and smart, wide range of hardware solutions for your business .
We focus on using branded, quality components that are supplied with warranty. Our team of experts comprises of highly skilled professionals with hands on experience with vast variety of hardware solutions and operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 Windows Vista, Linux and many more.

Benefits of hiring us for hardware solutions:
High performance
Advanced security
High scalability
Easy management
Seamless integration
Low cost of ownership
So, if you are searching for hardware and networking support for your business, we are the perfect choice.


Digitization is changing the way customers view businesses and what they offer. In that case, our winning solutions and experience will help you get the best clients the new better way. Our experts will help you experience the better digitization technologies and deploy solutions that will adapt to a multitude of requirements which will help your company transform your operations and business goals. It will also act as a bench mark in improving your products/services and boosting returns.


Bulk SMS service sends a large number of SMS messages to a group of people at the same time. In times of mobile revolution, it is extremely important to stay in touch with the technology at all times. Bulk SMS service is the fastest way to deliver information within groups to multiple members in seconds. It is used by media companies, businesses, banks and consumer brands for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, corporate and mobile marketing.

SMS plays an important role in our daily lives. Obtaining updates about a product launch, promotional information, shipping and delivery warnings, etc. is now easy with SMS. Likewise, SMS marketing is gaining increasing attention in companies. This is why companies are focused on making full use of SMS services to boost their business.

At OneBigBit, we provide bulk sms marketing services at the nominal charges with 99% delivery rate.


This is advertising and marketing for an e-mail message to some people. In the broadest sense, every single e-mail delivered to a current or potential customer may be considered as advertising. It consists of sending emails for advertising, donations or sales and is also intended to create trust or new recognition.

At One Big Bit, we strive to leverage every medium to maximize the return on your business. We believe in integrated marketing campaigns that are both innovative and effective. Digital e-mailers are a great way to reach customers over the Internet / mobile phone. Via Emailer we address ourselves to a specific target group in order to achieve the best possible result.

Today, most B2B marketing professionals recognize the importance of email for their entire marketing mix, how they can increase sales, and improve customer relationships. According to a report by Forrester Research, e-mail after public relations and direct mail is the third most used B2B marketing strategy. And nearly eight out of ten B2B marketers say the impact of e-mail marketing is increasing.

Our Expertise

University Management Information System

OneBigbit technologies also offers a comprehensive solutions to educational institutions and other sectors who seek to establish a long-term presence in business world globally. We understand the competitive environment in which you do business every day. Our MIS team has some highly skilled certified and trained professionals who promise to meet your needs completely. Our process includes the selection of best fit-for-purpose software with the help of our MIS Requirements Library, software vendor selection expertise, and in-depth knowledge of industry , Meeting clients demands, planning and execution, Simplifying user interactions, increase productivity and reduce costs, designing and building tailored reporting and dashboard systems and changing management and operational supports.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our enterprise resource planning team aims at creating and maintaining a better, confident and engaging capabilities that enables great services through correctly scaled plans and efficient service delivery. Through a good combination of exepertise and experience, we promise to make you achieve steady processing in your business.

Hospital Management System

We are here to make your life and business easy!
Get one of the best Hospital management system in your city to enhance the quality and to increase the efficiency at the facility Level. Hiring us will bring you incredible operational efficiency and speed. Our smart and efficient systems will help you take care of the operational aspects so that you can easily concentrate on patient care.