Academic ERP

What is academic ERP?

Nowadays, academic ERP is mostly a cloud-based solution. Merging academics and technology has always been a challenge for education barons. Even students and parents know that this is the need of the hour. Academic ERP is bringing this virtual academic process management cloud to control your different academic modules allowing you to make your focus on providing best education to your students and leave the part of analysis and management on a virtual cloud management and analysis system.

It provides a synchronized system and reduces lots of human efforts and mistakes being computerized processes. Parents can now easily track their children's daily school and tuition routines from a single place using a single login though they are from different academic institutions. Facilities like fee schedules and reminders, educational progress, results and attendance are provided to the parents as well.

How can it benefit Colleges/Universities?

  1. Ability to manage multiple institutions within an education group from one platform.
  2. Customized reports with data analysis and efficient academic operations.
  3. Cutting edge user experience.
  4. Easy anytime, anywhere accessibility for parents, students & employees via mobile apps or respective portals.
  5. Reduction in paperwork leading to cost-saving & high ROI.

Features of Academic ERP?

  1. Program Management
  2. Course Management
  3. Pre-admission/admission Management
  4. Student Information System
  5. Academic Registration
  6. Time-Table Management
  7. Library Management
  8. Exam & Mark sheet Management
  9. Fees Management
  10. Certificates and Document Management
  11. File Management
  12. Committee Management
  13. Front Desk Management
  14. Security Gate Management
  15. Human Resource Management
  16. Hostel Management
  17. Inventory/Store Management