Mixed Reality App Development

Mixed reality application is the result of adding or merging the physical world with the virtual world to create new surroundings where physical and digital objects interchange with each other in real-time. In short, mixed reality application is the combination of our physical and digital worlds.

Services we offer
With Our Mixed Reality Solutions

According to our user”s environment,
we help you to generate rich,enveloping events accordingly aligning 3D content with real device.
we also offer services like virtual reality,augmented reality and extended reality.

    Augmented Reality (AR)

    AR adding a digital element to a live view repeatedly by using the camera on a smartphone. AR restoring artificial objects in the real world.

    Virtual Reality (VR)

    Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create an assumed environment. Major players in VR include HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR.

    Extended Reality (XR)

    XR stands for “Extended Reality” and it is an umbrella term that covers AR, VR, & MR as it covers all the technologies that enhance our scenes, whether they provide additional information.

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    Systems of Mixed Reality

    There are two systems of mixed reality applications that are used to merge virtual objects with the real world.

      Marker System

      In the actual or real scene, special markers are placed that are recognized and changed by virtual objects
      during the period.

      Marker-Less System

      Real-world objects naturally placed at the exact position in marker-less systems (e.g. t,v, remote control, a cup, or a book) are used as markers.

      Mixed Reality
      On the Business Floor

      Mixed reality application is being used in small businesses for providing the proper training and developing the project.

      Maintenance and operations

      Smart specs provide remote support, instruction, and metrics for the maintenance of office workers. Complex data will be generated by sensors that are on machines and machine learning helps in figuring out the reasons for the failure and also improves productivity.


      Safety vests and hard hats will help in monitoring the surroundings of the office as these are considered smart equipment.
      For programmed production, smart robustness
      will be required.

      Reporting and Analytics

      The data management system is responsible for connecting all the devices which digitally document each step of the process.

      Quality control

      During the production,3D models give inspectors to access all product specs during the production. Photogrammetry is used by machines to evaluate products against standards.

      Types of Mixed Reality

      Types of Mixed Reality AppSome types of mixed reality apps provide a robust set of tools which
      produce new environments and visualization to experience..

      Enhanced Environment App : HoloLens Only

      Mixed reality appliaction is one of the most appropriate ways that bring value in letting content in the user’s current environment.

      This approach is popular for the app where the associated placement of digital content in the real world is a key and keeping the user’s real-world environment present during their experience.

      • Mixed reality communication apps like Skype
      • Mixed reality shopping cart overlaid onto the refrigerator door.

      Blended Environment : Blend Real World

      A blended environment occupies the middle ground in the MR experience.

      This type of experience may transform an element into entirely different objects but still, retain the rough dimensions of the objects as its base.

      Create a digital layer that can be completely overlaid at the user’s space, recognize and map the user’s environment.

      • A mixed-reality interior design app that can paint walls or floors with different colors and patterns
      • An app that allows users to blast holes in their real-world walls, which reveal a magical world.

      Immersive Environment App : Similar to VR

      Immersive is the third level of mixed reality.

      Immersive environment apps are the apps that completely change the world of the user and can be placed in different times and zones.

      These environments can feel saturated, real, and exciting experiences that are only limited by the imagination of the creator.

      • An immerse app that lets users tour a space separate from their own.
      • An immerse app that stage-manages an event around the user.

      Benefits of Using
      Mixed Reality Solutions

      Take a look at the beneifits, which you can expect form us. Below are some examples that you can exprience
      when you get stareted with us.

      Faster Quality Assurance Process

      It can help in embedding quality assurance in the production process by allowing real-time visual inspection of the assembled

      Reduction in Maintenance Calls

      The organization uses mixed reality applications to limit call-out times to maintenance. They work with outdated manuals and are slowly leaving that

      Employee Training Advancement

      Our Mixed Reality solutions will help your employees get proper training and work on their productivity. Train your employees with modern-technology, & save your money, man power, time, etc.

      Industries That Can Utilize Mixed Reality

      There are a lot of industries that can derive maximum advantages of mixed reality including augmented reality applications.
      Some of the industries that can quickly deploy mixed reality are







      Applications of mixed reality

      There are some applications that are used in mixed reality by which we can experience a new visualization and environment.


        Holograms are generated by people to show objects or scenes that never existed. It is a photographic technique that records the light that are scattered from an object.


        Our Mixed Reality solutions can help the early age students get motivated and learn more about their course without losing the interest.


        Aviation solutions use Mixed Reality which provides real-time experiential training and drives up digital manufacturing

        Mixed Reality

        While the industry calls it “Virtual Production”, we like to stick to “Mixed Reality”: (real) actors perform a head for virtual backdrop powered by a Game Engine for green/blue screen real-time chroma formation or a LED Wall.
        A Mixed Reality Production System is the complete environment of a virtual set in which the camera, lights, LED wall, and the rest of the structure all operate together.

        Holding patterns in creating new content is the most extensive challenge AR and VR face today. It has been since the beginning of these ideas.

        AR is also known as Augmented Reality which plays a role in adding digital elements into a live camera feed and originates a figment of imagination that 3 Dimensional content is part of our everyday life.

        Transport Layer Security (TLS) is extensively used in the HTTPS protocol for forwarding classified data like passwords or financial statistics. If there’s a lock next to your browser’s search bar, then the site you’re on is using Transport Layer Security(TLS).

        Augmented Reality covers virtual objects into existence where MR(Mixed Reality) goes one pace forward by anchoring virtual gadgets onto the real world environment.
        VR also stands for Virtual Reality which is a completely immersive computerized environment. A top case use is learning and development because it allows traniess to do work in a risk-free environment.

        The most important technique challenge in Augmented Reality is to be sure about the user's awareness about the technologies used in AR and design of economical augmented reality headset.

        Obviously Yes, AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) will improve user experience.

        No, People often confuse anything virtual with Virtual Reality because virtual reality always involves a mechanism to engage users in a distinct world..

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        OneBigBit Technologies Private Limited

        Objectively integrate enterprise wide strategic theme areas with functionalized infrastructures. Interactively productize premium mobile technologies.

        OneBigBit Technologies Private Limited

        Objectively integrate enterprise wide strategic theme areas with functionalized infrastructures. Interactively productize premium mobile technologies.

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