Strategic Consultancy

The onus of the execution and management of the entire company falls on the shoulders of the top-level employees like the CEO, CFO, and their teams. These people understand the lock, barrel, and stock of their company because they’ve worked in it for the longest time as compared to the other employees. This is why there could be scenarios where they might avoid or completely ignore certain issues which might seem important for a third person from the outside.
Strategic Consultants are paid professionals who are hired by the companies to address an exhaustive range of complications that they are facing. These consultants analyse and study the shortcomings, future projects and its probable impact on the supply chain in the company.

If there are any possible solutions that can help you perform some damage control for the activities in the past, a strategic consultant will effectively guide you through the feasible solutions available at the moment.
OneBigBit is not just like any other companies that provide you with strategic consultants to address your concerns. We provide you with professionals that strategize and guide you about the possible scenarios with complete information about the latest market and the probable future scenes.
Our first step of execution includes an extensive study of the environment in your company. The team of Strategic Consultants from OneBigBit arrange a meeting to understand the complications that you need to address. After that, our team prepares a conclusive judgement about the recent and future market trends that could possibly affect your company and its projects. After a rigorous session of brainstorming and fact-checking, we provide you with the best implementation strategies that could potentially take your company to the greater heights.
Our Strategic Consultants also help companies during a legal requirement. During many occasions, a company requires an independent Strategic Counsellor who aids the process of a document signing with a party. Our Consultant will help your company with the process and mediate until the completion of the assigned job.
Every client of OneBigBit is paid specific attention to. Our company assigns a group of professionals who would only work on your case until it achieves the desired results. This is done to ensure that no important aspect is missed out on while working for your company.

Academics and Research

We provide a wide range of options from Technical/Annual report writing, editing and compilation; Thesis editing, review, proofreading, printing and binding; Manuscripts and scientific articles editing, formatting, illustration work preparation, proofreading, express technical reviews; research proposal editing and reviews; plagiarism check; translation, etc.
We also develop portals for manuscript submission for authors with preformatted manuscript template that would be reviewed by different reviewers on the same portal. After final submission, the authors can get their manuscript checked for plagiarism and can also avail language editing services. Publication of journal issues in electronic form is also facilitated on the same portal.

Our other academic services includes providing specialized manpower in teaching, strategic academic consultancy, academic administration, academic auditing, accreditation consultancy, School Outreach and Admission-related support and services.
In research and marketing, we also provide research project training and technical support to undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and medical students; poster designing and powerpoint preparation; statistical analysis support; Scientific and technical support to survey questionnaire preparation, research-related surveys, industrial surveys, etc.

Web Development

Websites are the digital version of your office’s presence. The customers first create a judgement on the basis of the website that they see. This means that more than your actual office, your web presence drives the success of your company. For increasing the profits by a substantial margin, it is important to design a website that is an actual mirror for your values and business. When starting a website from scratch, the design of the web pages is drafted while keeping the client’s requirement in mind. The tone, overall feel, and the aesthetics of the website are designed with regard to your brand’s features. Depending on your guidelines, our team at OneBigBit keeps you in the loop with the advancements in the designing process. This ensures that you get exactly what you’ve signed up for.

Apart from the designing process, our team even maintains and programs the websites on client demands. For a professional level website development, a specific team with coding experts works around the clock to create the website of your dream. Even after the website is published, the maintenance of it will be our responsibility, if you allow us to do so.
Ranging from personal website to the e-commerce ones, OneBigBit has a team that is well versed with the market trends. This knowledge helps them create a modern and fresh design for your website that suits the need of the hour. Whether your aspirations for the website are basic or complicated, we have the solution for everything. The Web Development services under the banner of OneBigBit will always exceed your expectations.

User Experience

User Experience design jobs are taking over the market with their scope of expertise and precision in delivery. The designer implements his knowledge of the subject and the topic into the product that his company has designed. With this implication, a mass appealing structure is designed with the potential to attract millions of new customers. These types of designs are successful because of their easy to use user interface.
The professionals working as a User Design Expert has the responsibility of designing the complete step by step process of obtaining the product, working on its branding, usability, and design of the product, and finally integrating it effectively. It is the job of a User Experience Designer to use his analytical skills along with empathy for users. Only these skills will create the kind of project that your company was dreaming about.

The User Experience section at OneBigBit is handled and run by experts working in this field since the past many years. We understand the importance of an aesthetically pleasing design along with the factor of easy usability. The designers are well informed about the updates in the current market (concerning technology). Their strong understanding of limitations faced by different technologies and the business strategies of various companies, helps them create ground-breaking designs for your project.
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Mobile Development

The term Mobile Application Development is self-explanatory. Whether your brand is just starting to establish its position in the market or looking for a fresh update for the existing version, we are the right people to contact. OneBigBit constructs a robust strategy with its years of experience to create the perfect platform for your brand’s wider reach.
Starting from the fundamental stages of app development and working our way up to the top, our team continuously innovates over the existing updates in the software. Don’t get overwhelmed, these premium quality services are available at absolutely economical rates exclusively for our clients. Flavoured with our love for challenges and garnished with our experience, the resulting mobile app that we develop for you will surpass your expectations in all forms.

• iOS: iOS does not only work over iPhones. These applications are built for the compatibility over MacBook, iPod Touch, and iPad as well. Generally speaking, iPad applications are difficult to create because of their specific development platforms. Our iOS development team uses Xcode which is Apple’s specific Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Designing, creating, executing, and debugging the applications is part of our team’s daily routine. We understand the importance of precision and innovation without which it is impossible to define your company’s uniqueness in the pool of applications already present in the market.

• Android: By making use of the latest UX and Design techniques, our team creates revolutionary Android applications that instantly capture the mind of your audience. Depending on the scale of your project and the expectations attached to it, we use different technologies to develop your application. For Android, the technologies like Java, C/C++, Android DT, Android SDK, XML, SQLite, Eclipse, and Android Native Development Kit are used. With the right implementation of the project structure, your application will seamlessly work over every device that is compatible with Android.

• Xamarin: The cross-development platform of Xamarin designs applications on a shared C# programmed codebase. If you’re planning to develop apps using Xamarin, it allows for an extensive debugging before shipping your application for publication. OneBigBit creates strong and secure Xamarin applications for your company at the best prices in the market.

• Wearables: The surge of wearables in the market is giving rise to this new platform for application development. Complicated or simple, the team at OneBigBit constructs, designs, and debugs the applications for you for all needs.

• Hybrid Apps: The increase in the use of multiple gadgets has confused the creators worldwide. With hybrid applications, OneBigBit promises the wide reach of your applications in the shortest span of time without compromising its quality.

Quality Assurance

OneBigBit works diligently to provide any sort of technical assistance that a company could need. For any company that aims at delivering top-notch products in the market, accessing its quality is a major factor. To judge and decisively derive a judgement over your product, an opinion of the expert Quality Assurance is required. Without it, it would become difficult for companies to verify the quality of their products manufactured every year.
The Quality Assurance checks that the company standards are explicitly met by the product under consideration. It is their job to create a structure for the audits and inspection activities for monitoring the quality of the products. A QA expert must have an eye for details because it is his responsibility to detect any complication or problem that affects the product manufactured by your company.

Our team of experienced professionals have been seasoned with the changing weathers of the IT industry. They are well updated with the latest trends and the requirement of the market. This ensures that your product goes through the most detailed scrutinization. This will avoid any future complications that would create tough situations for your company and tarnish your brand reputation.
Apart from the detection of the errors, our QA team also provides feasible solutions to help your company grow and outperform your competitors in the market. During your process of deployment, our team tests your systems and software, it checks the workflows that you’ve created and looks for errors. Any complication that arises even during the process of deployment is quickly addressed. Proper corrective action is recommended for it by our team to the members in your office.

Continuation Engineering

Just as the name explains, the role of a Continuation Engineer is to ensure smooth daily maintenance of the products in the company. It is their responsibility to work towards the continuous improvement of the products that have been already designed and distributed by the company.
OneBigBit externally provides Continuation Engineering facilities for its client companies at an economical price range. Depending on the project and its duration, a professional team from our firm continuously works to provide the results you were expecting. With their years of experience in constructing and maintaining CAD drawings, models, and their specifications, our team provides an extensive range of services that your company demands.

Keeping in pace with the IT industry, our Continuation Engineers execute the Engineering Change Order process and manage them effectively. If there are any complications or problems in the performance of the products, our team quickly informs your company and addresses the problems with probable solutions.

Hosting Services

Along with the Web Development facility, OneBigBit is a leading Hosting Service provider. With our aim of becoming a global leader for an extensive range of IT services, we leave no stone unturned to provide you with the complete convenience of structural designing.
Our company provides Web and Application Hosting Services at the best prices in the market. The experience with which our professionals create a robust Web Hosting Network for your company creates new standards for your services in the market. We provide Shared Web Hosting, Cloud-Based Web Hosting, VPS, and a Dedicated Server apart from the many other Hosting Services.

OneBigBit is a trusted hosting provider for many companies that host their applications, functions, and infrastructure components through them. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions provides seamless hosting for your applications. This is done using a cloud-based subscription that comes at a fixed price. Contact us now using the details provided in the footnote of this website, to know more about our Hosting Services.

Hardware Solutions

Hardware is the foundation of the process execution cycle in any company. This means that the compatibility of the hardware decides the fate of your process. If the hardware lacks the power to hold the software, the execution of any process becomes impossible. This is why investing in tough hardware always generates exception ROI for your organization.
At OneBigBit, we understand the importance of strong hardware to compensate for the technical shortcomings of your company. Every process is an apt combination of hardware and software which ensures its seamless execution. OneBigBit implements its experience of years and the knowledge of the latest tools to create robust hardware for your company.

The increasing competition in the IT industry has created a hype about cloud storage. However, fitting and executing the entire system and the information relating to it becomes extremely difficult without the use of hardware. No matter the size and quantity of the product, the hardware is the basic driving force of every project in a company.
It’s obvious that you would want to stay at the top of your game but achieving such level of professionalism comes at a cost. You need to value the crucial aspects like hardware that help you gain your higher profits from the faster execution of the processes.
Our reputed Hardware Solutions have created high regard for our brand in the eyes of our clients. With the passion to provide advanced security, high performance, high scalability, and seamless integration at the low cost of ownership, our team at OneBigBit is full of experts in networking and operating systems.

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