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Our Custom
Software Solutions

We strive to offer the best product as per the users' needs.
Our custom build softwares are Fast, Secure and Reliable with design-driven hybrid technology.

    Taxi Reservation Software

    Get your smart and intelligent taxi reservation software and store every single details about the user.

    Hotel Booking Software

    Keep the records of every in & out at your place with the help of modern Hotel Booking Software solution.

    eCommerce PMS

    Get started with the best inventory management software which can hold all the details about your store.

    E-Wallet Software

    Get your secure and reliable digital wallet software & make hassle-free digital payments.

    Grocery Software

    This custom build software can automate the tasks and help you work on your productivity.

    Hospital Management Software

    Get every detail about your employees from our hospital management software that is optimised and reliable.

    Digital Marketing Software

    Newsletter integration, Email automation, and many more at your fingertip. All in a single software.

    Driver tracking Software

    Get your driver tracking software with GPS and other functionalities that can help you work on your business.

    Food Order & Delivery Software

    Satisfy your customer with every order. We can offer you the best delivery software for business.

    Multi Vendor eCommerce Software

    Manage your multi vendors with the help of a software and experience hassle free working with your vendors.

    CRM Software Solution

    Customer relation management software can help you to serve valuable solutions for your customers.

    ERP Software Solution

    ERP systems can help you automate your tasks such as finance, HR, production, supply chain, services and others.

    Connecting PeopleAbout Us

    We are just a group of technology radicals who are constantly at work to surpass their previous best work at OneBigBit

    we consult our clients to understand their requirements and brainstorm profusely to create a revolutionary solution.

    Our office in Lucknow is the nerve centre of our execution process. It is from there, that our team researches, rack brains, and delivers the result that your company desires.

    What Makes UsThe Best Custom Software Company?

    We Aim at Productivity

    We make tailored digital products for your business and help you to increase your business productivity with intelligent strategies.

    We Have a Fresh Idea

    Whatever your idea is, we will provide you with the solution for it. We explore, then make the structure as per your functional needs.

    Service On-Demand

    You will get round the clock customer service. We will get the problem resolved within the next 24 hours. You can also avail AMC service from us.

    Successful Project Submission

    From Your Requirement
    To Your Success

    Step 1Your Requirement

    Our first objective is to understand the requirements, according to the project and then we will

    Step 2Development

    Now our software engineers will work on the development process of the software and then we will start.

    Step 3Testing

    We have certain procedures for testing the software that is essential for quality aspects. Now it's time for.

    Step 4Project submission

    After examining all the lines of the code we will submit the project to you in the allotted time

    Our ProjectsOur Latest Custom Build Projects

    We have made industry leading softwares with cutting
    edge technology to offer you a seamless performance.

    Hospital Management System

    The technology is continuous changes in healthcare industries which allowed hospitals to arrange their respective data electronically.

    Admission Management Software

    With the Admission Management Software, keep an eye on every student. From private institutes to colleges, this admission management software.

    Salon Management Software

    Salon Management Software is here to manage all the necessary things in one-step with the best salon management software India.

    FAQ's About
    Software Development Company

    When a software development company builds a software as per the user’s need this type of software is said to be custom software.

    Constructing a custom software requires a lot of effort and defining the cost of custom software is a bit tricky at this moment. The cost of custom build software totally depends upon your needs, for more information you can call or raise a ticket. We will get back to you shortly.

    It is not fixed, but we can assure you that you will receive the project within the allotted time. OneBigBit is the best software development company in India with the most optimized custom software development expertise.

    When it comes to the difference between custom and canned software. The base of custom software is developed on designing, deploying, maintaining, and creating.

    Yes, we make customer solution analysing software. Contact our team for instant software development as per your needs.

    If you have any special requirements for your software then it will be considered as custom software development.

    Yes, we are the best software development company in India. You can get your custom build software within your budget and on allotted timeline.

    We offer multiple IT solutions, such AR-VR, Digital marketing, web hosting and application development. For every IT trouble we have a solution.

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    Our industry technicians are active round the clock to offer you the best customer support service.

    OneBigBit Technologies Private Limited

    Objectively integrate enterprise wide strategic theme areas with functionalized infrastructures. Interactively productize premium mobile technologies.

    OneBigBit Technologies Private Limited

    Objectively integrate enterprise wide strategic theme areas with functionalized infrastructures. Interactively productize premium mobile technologies.

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    © 2022 All Rights Reserved - OneBigBit Technologies Private Limited

    © 2022 All Rights Reserved - OneBigBit Technologies Private Limited